Indonesia, Bali in particular has become a world wedding destination. This is because Bali with a relatively small area has a very diverse destination object, from beaches, mountains, forests, lakes, valleys, rivers, rice fields, waterfalls, villas or iconic landmarks to nearby journeys. Having a pre-wedding photo of a professional before the wedding day in Bali is very easy to be realized with Mario Lourdi Photo & Videography team. With experience and the latest photography gears we will capture your romantic moments and present in in unforgettable frames. Here are some portfolios of Mario Lourdi Pre-Wedding Photos.

Groom Details | Bali Wedding Photo
Jungle Couple  Bali PreWedding Photo
Bali Bride Wedding Photo
Bali Prewedding at The Beach
Cuddle Couple PreWedding Photo Bali
Holding Hand Bali Prewedding
Bali Pre-Eedding Interiors
Bali Outdoor Pre-Wedding
Glamour Bali Wedding Photography
Double Exposure Wedding Photo
Outdoor Bali Pre-Wedding Photo
Jungle Bali Pre-Wedding
Romantic Bali Pre-Wedding Photo
Bali Traditional Costume Pre-Wedding
Colour Full Bali Pre-Wedding Photo
Glamour Traditional Bali Pre-Wedding
Casual Outdoor Bali PreWedding Photo
Happily Bali Pre-Wedding Photo


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